* To establish feasibility, it is necessary to include some items in the energy invested term that are normally not thought of as investments. For example, the cost of sequestering such carbon dioxide as will be produced by the energy technology under investigation should be added to the energy invested term because feasibility requires that our society be sustainable (until astronomical events intervene). In this thought experiment, the support of an alternative energy technology would be the sole concern of every citizen.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Energy in a Mark II Economy

It occurred to me today that almost no one is familiar with what I learned in "Energy in a Mark II Economy"; namely, that for an energy technology with a high ERoEI of 10.0 such as conventional oil, gas, or coal, it is possible to support a market economy for which 22% of the total energy budget goes to middle men (commerce, marketing, and finance); but, for an energy technology with ERoEI of 3.0, which is a generous estimate for a renewable energy, it is not. See http://dematerialism.net/Mark-II-Economy.html.  I will enlist the aid of Dave Kimble, my de facto editor, to suggest appropriate changes to the executive summary of that paper to make the conclusion clear.

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